Agile Astro primarily aims at providing visually intuitive reports and dashboards to its users keeping in mind the ease of analyzing data points and enabling interpretation while Agile Management tools focuses more on managing the agile projects. Agile Astro handshakes with such tools and provides deeper insights of scrum KPIs. For e.g. Agile tools allow user to create and define product backlogs while Agile Astro tells if a team’s backlog is healthy or not.

It provides much more details, which includes Average Cycle Time, Story Throughput, Sprint Churn Report, and highlights overcommitted teams – the logic being one of its kind. It has capability for simulation using Monte Carlo algorithm to forecast future velocity and story points for better planning.

Agile Astro is one stop solution to fetch KPIs useful for the teams using scrum framework. It engineers the data using algorithms inspired by best practices of scrum. Gathering all this related information from Agile Management Tools requires lot of manual effort and is redundant process. With agile Astro, you have all the information readily available, thus saving a lot of time.

Agile Astro can connect to most of the widely used agile management tools. To name a few - Jira, TFS, Rally.

In case you do not have any Agile Management tool and are tracking your team’s data in CSV, our smart connector can consume the data from your CSV.

Agile Astro has a web interface for which user does not need any visualization tool. You can still integrate with Power BI and Qlik Sense. In case you have preference of any other visualization tool, please get in touch with us.

Agile Astro reports are fully customizable. Please contact our experts for your specific requirements.

Reports are updated on daily basis. Our job which is scheduled to run at a fixed time interval (preferably at night) will fetch the data from Agile Management Tool /CSV and dump to Agile Astro database.

Our onboarding process can take up to three weeks of time depending on your Agile Management tool along with its level of customization. The entire process includes ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), environment setup, and additional customization if applicable, testing and go live.

Agile Astro can be hosted on customer premise OR you can choose Novigo’s hosting.

Our customer data is stored on secure servers. The servers that are used to store consumer information are maintained in a secure environment with appropriate security measures.

Cost will vary on factors like customization of Agile Management tools, hosting options etc. Please contact us to get the quotation.

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